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Introducing our Holiday Gifts Collection, where enchantment meets seduction. Unlock a world of passion and desire with our exquisite selection of sexy clothing, lingerie, and body sets specially curated for unforgettable holidays.


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Raya's Santa Cosplay - IntimGlamourRaya's Santa Cosplay - IntimGlamour
Raya's Santa Cosplay Sale price$59.00 USD Regular price$79.00 USD
Clara's Christmas Hoodies Cosplay - IntimGlamourClara's Christmas Hoodies Cosplay - IntimGlamour
Clara's Christmas Hoodies Cosplay Sale price$67.00 USD Regular price$97.00 USD
Leena's Christmas Two Pieces - IntimGlamourLeena's Christmas Two Pieces - IntimGlamour
Leena's Christmas Two Pieces Sale price$34.00 USD Regular price$54.00 USD
Hannele's Christmas Play Set - IntimGlamourHannele's Christmas Play Set - IntimGlamour
Hannele's Christmas Play Set Sale price$54.00 USD Regular price$74.00 USD
Malin's Christmas Open Chest - IntimGlamourMalin's Christmas Open Chest - IntimGlamour
Malin's Christmas Open Chest Sale price$48.00 USD Regular price$68.00 USD
Beatrix's Maid Outfit - IntimGlamourBeatrix's Maid Outfit - IntimGlamour
Beatrix's Maid Outfit Sale price$39.00 USD Regular price$59.00 USD
Aria's Irresistible Body Set - IntimGlamourAria's Irresistible Body Set - IntimGlamour
Aria's Irresistible Body Set Sale price$53.95 USD Regular price$83.95 USD
Chloe's Provocative Red Satin Fine Set - IntimGlamourChloe's Provocative Red Satin Fine Set - IntimGlamour
Ivy's Captivating Velvet Body Set - IntimGlamourIvy's Captivating Velvet Body Set - IntimGlamour
Ivy's Captivating Velvet Body Set Sale price$48.95 USD Regular price$69.99 USD
Penelope's Irresistible Body Set - IntimGlamourPenelope's Irresistible Body Set - IntimGlamour
Penelope's Irresistible Body Set Sale price$39.95 USD Regular price$59.95 USD
Freya's Seductive Gift Body Set - IntimGlamourFreya's Seductive Gift Body Set - IntimGlamour
Freya's Seductive Gift Body Set Sale price$38.95 USD
Agathe's Sexy Nurse Cosplay - IntimGlamourAgathe's Sexy Nurse Cosplay - IntimGlamour
Agathe's Sexy Nurse Cosplay Sale price$54.00 USD
Rely's Red Bodysuit RhinestoneRely's Red Bodysuit Rhinestone
Rely's Red Bodysuit Rhinestone Sale price$43.00 USD Regular price$73.00 USD
Rita's Christmas Bodysuit FantasyRita's Christmas Bodysuit Fantasy
Rita's Christmas Bodysuit Fantasy Sale price$47.00 USD Regular price$67.00 USD
Roxana's Bodysuit Christmas SecretsRoxana's Bodysuit Christmas Secrets
Roxana's Bodysuit Christmas Secrets Sale price$43.00 USD Regular price$63.00 USD
47449148457259Alice's Christmas Bodysuit with Bells
Alice's Christmas Bodysuit with Bells Sale price$43.00 USD Regular price$63.00 USD
Aubrey's New Year Christmas Cosplay - IntimGlamourAubrey's New Year Christmas Cosplay - IntimGlamour
Aubrey's New Year Christmas Cosplay Sale priceFrom $49.00 USD Regular price$69.00 USD
Josephine's Christmas Sexy Cosplay - IntimGlamourJosephine's Christmas Sexy Cosplay - IntimGlamour
Josephine's Christmas Sexy Cosplay Sale price$53.00 USD Regular price$73.00 USD
Alexia's Christmas 2 Pcs Suit - IntimGlamourAlexia's Christmas 2 Pcs Suit - IntimGlamour
Alexia's Christmas 2 Pcs Suit Sale price$37.00 USD Regular price$57.00 USD
Lily's Santa Role Play Suit - IntimGlamourLily's Santa Role Play Suit - IntimGlamour
Lily's Santa Role Play Suit Sale price$54.00 USD Regular price$64.00 USD
Ruby's Christmas Role Play - IntimGlamourRuby's Christmas Role Play - IntimGlamour
Ruby's Christmas Role Play Sale price$49.00 USD Regular price$69.00 USD
Alina's Christmas Dress Cosplay - IntimGlamourAlina's Christmas Dress Cosplay - IntimGlamour
Alina's Christmas Dress Cosplay Sale price$55.00 USD Regular price$75.00 USD
Cécile's Halloween Latex Cosplay - IntimGlamourCécile's Halloween Latex Cosplay - IntimGlamour
Cécile's Halloween Latex Cosplay Sale price$54.00 USD Regular price$74.00 USD
Dorottya's Christmas Desire - IntimGlamourDorottya's Christmas Desire - IntimGlamour
Dorottya's Christmas Desire Sale price$45.00 USD
As_Seen_On_1500_x_500_px_1000_x_100_px_1000_x_200_px_9bfac598-fad1-435d-a421-331ce56993ed - IntimGlamour