Aria's Hot Passion Nightdress

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Color: Black


Size: M


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Aria's Hot Passion Story's  : 

Once upon a moonlit night, Aria's Hot Passion Nightdress ignited the flames of desire. Adorned in delicate lace and satin, it clung to Aria's curves like a lover's touch, accentuating her every contour. With a plunging neckline that teased and enticed, it whispered secrets of seduction. As she slipped into its embrace, Aria felt a surge of confidence, her femininity unleashed in a blaze of passion. The nightdress became her ally, empowering her to explore her deepest desires. With each step, she exuded an irresistible magnetism, captivating all who beheld her beauty. Aria's Hot Passion Nightdress became a symbol of unleashed passion, a catalyst for women to embrace their sensuality and unleash their inner fire. It was a nightdress that dared to ignite desires and transform fantasies into reality.


M:Dress Length:61cm,Underchest:60-95cm,Waist:60-95cm, Fits Weight:40-50kg
L:Dress Length:63cm,Underchest:65-100cm,Waist:65-100cm, Fits Weight:50-60kg
This product including Dress and Panty

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