Selene's Pink Transparent Sleepwear

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Selene's Story's:

 Once upon a moonlit night, Selene adorned herself in the ethereal beauty of Pink Transparent Sleepwear. The delicate fabric clung to her curves, revealing just a hint of the enchanting allure that lay beneath. As Selene slipped into the sheer nightwear, a sense of liberation and femininity washed over her. The soft blush hue embraced her skin, casting a romantic glow upon her figure. With each delicate movement, the fabric whispered secrets of sensuality, teasing the boundaries between dreams and reality. Selene's confidence blossomed, as she became a goddess of desire, a symbol of elegance and passion. In the realm of dreams, Selene bewitched and captivated, leaving a trail of moonlit desires in her wake. The Pink Transparent Sleepwear became a vessel for her feminine mystique, an embodiment of her inner goddess, beckoning others to explore the realms of intimacy and pleasure by her side.


One Size: Dress Length:38/40cm,Underchest:70-82cm
Waist:60-76cm,Fits Weight:40-60kg


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